Abiitan Science Journal Club

Students discuss scientific papers with residents of Abitan
Students discuss scientific papers with residents of Abitan

Journal Club @ Abiitan

Abiitan Mill City is a growing retirement community in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Since the fall of 2018, UMN NRT students have been hosting science journal clubs as part of Abiitan's on-site programming. The goal of this journal club is to discuss current topics in science and provide a space for residents to ask questions and interact with scientists in their community. This collaboration also serves as a skill development opportunity for our students, who learn how to critically evaluate science news stories and communicate about science. Journal club topics range from popular news stories to sensory-science related to our students' research. Previous journal clubs topics have included:

  • Science news stories - what can we believe? 
  • Restoring vision in visually impaired children
  • Hearing loss and cognition
  • Brain training games
  • Science policy of cell phone bans

For more information about this program, please contact Kristi at [email protected].